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About this site

The Unofficial EPL Ice Hockey Website first went live on May 1st 2008 and was set up alongside the Unofficial EPL Ice Hockey Forum which was started in October 2007. It is a fan-operated web site with the intention of providing a central and unbiased location for UK Ice Hockey fans to get information about the English Premier Ice Hockey League and it's teams.

The forum no longer operates but the site is still here, we publish news and match reports from many of the current EPL teams (and hope one day for it to be all of them) as well as fixture lists, results and league tables and currently have data back to the 2007/08 season.

I am not a journalist (professional or otherwise), merely an enthusiastic fan (and rec hockey player) who works in the IT industry and is interested in helping raise awareness of the great sport of Ice Hockey. The site itself is being run as a non-profit venture and it is my hope that other fans will volunteer to help update and maintain the site as well as providing news and views from their own teams.

Since the site started up I've approached the EIHA and all of the EPL teams in the hope that they may be willing to supply team news and updates on a regular basis for publication on the site. I'd like to thank those teams who regularly contribute and hope others will be willing to do so in the future.


As the name indicates, this is an unofficial site, the owner is in no way affiliated with any EPL team, the league or the EIHA (English Ice Hockey Association). Content published on this site is neither approved or endorsed by the EPIHL or the EIHA.

All information is published in good faith and will be checked when possible for accuracy. I do however recognise that mistakes happen. If you have any issues with any items on the site such as accuracy or copyright infringement please let me know via the Contact link at the top of this page and the offending item will be corrected or removed if appropriate. Any views or opinions expressed in any article are solely those of the author and may not necessarily reflect the views or opinions held by the operators of this site.

Articles and images supplied by teams or other organisations are used with permission and intellectual property remains that of the original source.

Information published on this site should not be deemed to be official in any manner unless specified. Please contact individual teams or the league for official news and information and/or confirmation of any news or information.

Match Schedules

Match schedules are based on information released by the EIHA and individual club websites, face off times where shown are taken from the home team's website. They are checked at regular intervals but cannot be guaranteed and you should check with the relevant clubs before making any travel arrangements.

Results, league tables and other statistics

Match night information is gathered from a number of sources and is not currently supplied by the EIHA. Although we will make the best efforts to ensure data is correct, it may from time to time differ from the official statistics. League tables are currently calculated using the following criteria:

  • Total points
  • Total wins
  • Head to head points
  • Head to head goal difference

Although OT/SO wins and losses are included in points totals these are not shown separately in tables, instead being included in overall wins and loss figures. For official data please visit the EIHA website.

Club and player Information and team rosters

Club and player information on this site has been obtained from various sources including, and websites of clubs past and present. Team rosters are compiled from details of confirmed signings on club websites, club-provided press releases and matchnight programmes and gamesheets. We do not accept any other source as evidence of signings. As always we do endeavour to provide correct information but mistakes do creep in so we do appreciate any corrections (with source). Note that in order to avoid confusion we will only accept player height and weight in metric units.

Team Logos

Where possible we have obtained the permission of clubs to use their logos alongside stories relating to their club however the use of a particular logo is in no way intended to infer official status or endorsement from the club.

Some clubs have never responded to our request for permission and while we do repeat those requests occasionally by email we've recently taken the position that since other websites outside the authority of the clubs and league have been able to use club logos on the grounds of "fair use" that we will do so too. We will, of course, honour any requests to remove club logos and in those cases the logo will be replaced with our standard puck logo.

The EPL and EIHA logos are not used on this site as the EIHA have explicitly refused us permission for their use.


Although we do have advertising on this site, it is not our intention to make money from the site itself. All advertising revenue will be used to finance the operation of the website itself and to cover the cost of hardware and telecommunications. Although we're currently using Google AdSense we will consider hosting advertising for other companies or organisations providing the content is relevant to the site and it's content. Donations towards the cost of running the site will be gratefully accepted!

Web Browsers

This site has been tested with Firefox, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer. It has also been seen to work on some mobile phones and PDA's. The site should work with any modern web browser but if you do have any problems with any aspect of the site please let us know via the Contact page.

I want to play hockey in the UK, can you help?

Short answer... no we cannot. We are in no way affiliated with any league, club or any other hockey organisation in the UK and so cannot give you any assistance other than to advise that you either email clubs directly (some have been known to advertise for players) or speak to a professional sporting agent.

Privacy & Cookies

We are only here to share information and have no need or desire to track our users or sell their information on to other organisations, with that in mind our site does use session cookies during your time on the site in order to ensure that the information you see is consistent and relevant. Our forum uses the same cookies in order to ensure you remain logged in during your time on the site. These cookies expire at the end of your session (or when you log out of the forum). We do also use a third party advertiser (Google Ads) who generate their own cookies. As far as we're aware this site will operate without the need to send cookies to user's web browsers so if they worry you please feel free to disable them on your browser.

We do not (and never will) collect email addresses or personal details for any use other than the operation of our forum and that information will never be shared with anybody else, be it a third party, an advertiser or anybody else. We do not like spam and will not be part of it (although there may be the occasional need to send you an email from our forum... please update your settings or delete your account if this is a problem).


Credit where credit is due... it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make a website work. With that in mind we would like to give kudos to all those involved.

Web hosting and email: 34SP
Content Management System: Joomla
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Front end template: Joomlart
Domain Name Services: EasyDNS

Please let us know if you have any issues or comments on anything you see on this page!

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